341. A Song Of Ice And Fire

After the explosive end of Breaking Bad last year and the mind-melting conclusion of The Dark Tower a few months ago, I was left with a vague feeling of emptiness inside of me, something TvTropers would know as Awesomeness Withdrawal.

Somewhere in June (or I think it was June; my memory is failing the less I use it), I thought that Mr. Martin’s earth-shaking A Song Of Ice And Fire series would do well to fill in the epic gap left behind by the two aforementioned works. With 5 novels published and 4 seasons of 10*hour-long episodes, it would entertain me for a couple more months before I find other things to watch/read.

(I have also gotten me the critically acclaimed True Detective and Les Revenants series, but just can’t bring myself to binge watch either of them due to the density of each episode… Maybe later)

So far so good, I think.

My plan is to read the novels before watching the episodes; and if what I’m told about the bloodthirsty showrunners is true, then I’ll suffer no lack of suspense while watching the series. This is for a number of reasons:

ONE: I’m highly squeamish.

For all the love I have for thrills, I lack the emotional fortitude to deal with it. I spend most of my time in movie theaters with my fingers plugged into my ears in anticipation of a jump scare. One of the first scenes I’ve seen from Game of Thrones, ironically, is the scene where [SPOILER ALERT] The Mountain smashing the Red Viper’s head in. Nasty stuff.

TWO: I suck at following dialogue

Which is why I usually have subtitles for when I’m watching things at home. Recently, I had the opportunity to watch Mr. Fellowes’ academy award-winning Gosford Park, and I realized about 3 minutes into the movie that I would not survive it without subtitles to tell me what these people are saying with those thick accents of theirs. By reading the novels and turning the volume on louder than usual as I’m watching the series, I will at least have some idea of what’s going on in the scene.

(and I won’t have to worry about disturbing the other people in the house. It’s not like I’m going to watch Game of Thrones with other people around!)

THREE: I can’t remember names

Which is strange considering point number 2, but it’s true. With the number of characters running around the novels, I have lost track of who’s who from about page 120 onward. I’m a little better with faces, and with my facial recognition powers combined with context from the books, I’ll be able to – hopefully – appreciate the story a little bit more.

I’ve heard that the third novel – A Storm of Swords – is longer than Mr. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. And I’ve also heard that Mr. Martin kills off his characters without mercy. All things considered, I think it’s going to be a fun ride ahead, even taking into account how ridiculously spoilered I am.

(I’d like to take this opportunity to push for the legitimization of “spoilered” as a real word, so that it stands distinct from “spoiled”, which carries very different meanings)

I’m now 6 episode and 600 pages into the story, with all the Seven Kingdoms before me to explore. Well – here I go.