183. Who Are You People?

With this post, I have successfully crossed over the halfway mark towards the completion of this 365-day writing project.

(more or less)

There is only one thing that bothers me:

Who are you people?

Who are you people, you who come by to visit from countries I’ve never been to, and some I’ve never heard of? Who are you, who listens in on my rants and my self-absorbed posts and opinions? Who are you, who actually gives a damn about what I write?

(to be fair, maybe you don’t. But I like to think that you do)

As of 1A.M. today, this blog now has 59 followers – that’s enough followers to start an average-sized American church; and to quote Mr. Baggins (the elder), I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like. Heck, I don’t know any of you at all!

(well, except you guys – Vivian, Ann Na, Isaiah, and Richie – you guys are wonderful)

The halfway point of a journey is always a good time to reassess one’s position. In screenwriting class, as we study story structure for emotional torque, the midpoint of the story is where the protagonist is forced to make a second commitment to his quest.

As I cross the midpoint of this journey, it’s a good time as any to get to know some of you, and to make some reintroductions, for the benefit of those of you who weren’t here at the beginning.

Hi, I’m Joseph Ng, a Christian and a writer from Malaysia (the two are not always mutually exclusive, but most of the time, they are). More than anything in the world (except maybe pretty ladies), I like stories, and I write all kinds of them: short fiction, long fiction, episodic scripts, stage plays… Whatever I can get my hands on, and whatever I’m given the opportunity to do. I started off writing short stories when I was 16, and I still write short stories to this day – for few other reasons but that they’re easy to write.

(on the subject of pretty ladies, I just saw Mr. Boone’s “Stuck In Love” yesterday evening, and I think I may be a little bit in love with Lily Collins)

Sometimes when I’m lucky, I get paid to write stuff, and I hope to one day make this writing thing a proper living.

But first, I need to get my bachelor’s degree.

(it’s kind of a funny story, involving me hoping at the beginning of my university career hoping that the Ministry of Education would one day come to their senses and abolish Moral Studies and Malaysian Studies as compulsory courses. That didn’t happen, and I’ll have to sort that out sooner than later)

Until then, I work a day job where I consistently complete work faster than it can be given to me. In between jobs, I write some more stuff to further perfect my craft, and in the hopes of some of these things getting published, and – fingers crossed – getting sold. For actual money.

A man can dream.

So now: who are you people?