348. Writing Badly

I plopped my ass on this chair some 3 hours ago. In that time, I’ve added a total of 600 words to the story I’m working on, so on average, I’m producing 200 words per hour. Or 1 word every 3 minutes.

It has been a slow night.

With the deadline coming up in a little more than 10 days, I’m only human to grow nervous with each day that ends without the story being completed. But for some reason unfathomable, the story seems to have stopped dead in its tracks like a stubborn dog since last Tuesday, refusing to move forward to matter how much or from which direction I prod at it.

It is in these dire times that I remind myself to Dare to Write Badly. Just put one word in front of the previous one until the story is done. You can always come back and edit it later, once you have the full picture. Just put one word after another until the story is done.

But God, it is painful to write badly.

I retire to sleep now after a horridly unproductive night in front of my laptop. I think the past few days of playing DotA has dulled my brain some. Hopefully, when I arrive home from work tomorrow, I’ll be able to begin writing, and keep writing, whether well or badly.

Goodnight, all.


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