340. My Favorite Places On The Internet

(I had a 0.3 second hesitation while typing the title, deciding whether to type “favorite” or “favourite”. Evidently, I have chosen to go full ‘Murican. This is what 5 years of American education has done to me)

Today I’ll take a break from my rants, updates on my life, stories that I’m writing, and talking about writing in general. Today I’m going to talk about the best (or within the Top 10 list, at least) thing in our lives: the internet.

I access the internet mainly from my laptop, a 5-year old Acer Aspire 4810T. I bought it for its 8-hour battery life, which serviced me well for a little more than 2 years before it gave up and gave out, and I found the cost of replacing it too expensive. It lags when I play videos; these days, it lags when I open a word document; but it has access to the internet. I’m happy.

My default browser is Mozilla Firefox. I’m not sure why. On any other machine, I’ll use Google Chrome, but on my laptop, I exclusively use Firefox.

The best thing about Firefox is how it has a drop-down list of my favorite sites, unlike the pesky grid view that Chrome has (though Firefox has been trying to emulate Chrome’s formula in its recent updates). Over time, I’ve built up a mental hierarchy of sites:

Facebook should always come first. Again, I’m not sure why, but it just feels right that way. It’s right on top of the list; and if anything else is on top, there’s something wrong with my internet browsing habits. I move to rectify it immediately.

Twitter is second. As you can see, I’m a high social person, evident in my use and abuse of social media sites.

(yeah, right)

Third is 9gag. It’s a place filled with immature idiots, but from time to time, a particularly intriguing post shows up. Most of the time, it’s just an easy way to burn half an hour away.

Somewhere beneath this holy trinity is IMDB. I’ve only began using Metacritic earlier this year to get a more holistic view on current movies, but there’s just something about IMDB that feels right for looking up movies. Besides, I’m also used to the format in which it presents information, so I go back and forth between these two sites when checking out movies new and old.

There’s also YouTube, which is seeing less use these days as I’m getting more busy with work and writing (funny how they both begin with “w”). I subscribe to a handful of blokes, but the channels whose videos I catch without fail are: nigahiga, MinutePhysics, and Vsauce.

I also have TvTropes in there. It’s like 9gag, but for stuff I’m actually interested in, and with less idiotic people roaming around.

I’ve only discovered the wonders of reddit a couple of weeks ago when I was bored at work, and I didn’t want to read another word of The Hobbit. Earlier tonight, around 11.30P.M. or so, I thought to give it a shot and check out what subreddits there are.

It’s now 2A.M. and I’m still there.



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