338. Buying Time

Here’s an impossible idea for an invention: frozen time bunks.

You know capsule hotels? Like the ones they have in Japan? Just a bed, some lights, enough space to crawl, and you’re good to go. Minimal space, minimal cost. Now: we equip these capsule hotels with the technology to freeze time (this is the hard part) – so that people can slide in, sleep for as long as they need, and slide out a second later after they had slept for 8 hours or 80 years.

The best part is that because everyone, relatively speaking, only spends a second inside based on an outsider’s frame of reference, can you imagine how much money you can make out of it? And people will finally be able to get all the sleep they need, and do all the work they need to!

(then again, there’s also nothing stopping them from bringing their work inside to do…)

Let’s talk about buying time. If people could literally buy time, I imagine it’d be an incredibly profitable market. I mean, just the fantasy of it is incredibly profitable – just look at the mount of money time-travel related stories have generated! Adults will be buying it to get more work done, they will be getting it for their kids so they can spend more time studying (but we all know they’ll just spend all that time playing computer games), and old people… Well. I’m not sure if old people would like to have more time. I’ll update you when I grow old.

If time is money, we should be able to treat it as though it was money by simple substitution. Needless to say, we don’t buy time. We spend time. We trade time. We waste time. We invest time. We do all sorts of things with the time given to us the same way we do all sorts of things with the money in our pockets. What they have in common is that they both run out sooner than we think.

It’s important, I think, to be a clever investor – not just of money, but of time. Just as much as we’re capable of spending money, we’re plenty talented at spending time: traveling, watching TV, exercising, working, complaining, eating… Has anyone realized that just like how you can put it money today to get a return in your investment in the future, you can invest time today and get more in return?

Be real, now: you don’t HAVE to rewatch that Game of Thrones episode. You don’t HAVE to have that Sunday afternoon nap. When you get home after a long day of work, you don’t HAVE to sit staring at the TV through vacant eyes. Trust me, I know. You won’t explode.

(if you do explode, you get your money back – guaranteed!)

Pick up a book. Learn a new skill. Bring a mentor out for a meal. Reflect, do a reality check, and readjust your sails towards your future plans. If you don’t have them, make some future plans.

In the end, it’s not about buying time. It’s about investing it.

And I’m going to ruin the whole inspirational effect by saying: I’m just buying time by writing this post because I’m also waiting for the chicken to defrost.

I hope it’s done by now.


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