333. Off Day

Let’s just get this out of the way: I slept the entire afternoon away like a bloody pig.

(not that the pig was literally bloody. Can literally bloody pigs sleep?)

Today, I woke up with the realization that first, this will be the first off day I’ve had in a while (last weekend was spend editing my submissions; and weekdays, are, well, weekdays). And second, I’m 15 minutes late for practice.

I had 2 practices to attend in all, which took up about 3 hours, with a 5-minute cookie break at the 1.5 hour mark. When I was done with the both of them, it was already 1P.M., and time for lunch.

With 2 friends, I had lunch at an Indian place nearby. As Indian meals go, if you’re not stuffing yourself, you’re not doing it right. I had rice on top of a banana leaf with dry mutton curry and a fried chicken thigh on the side. The rice was drizzled generously with chicken curry (but without the chicken).

(I offer no apologies for my appetite when it comes to Indian meals. The last time I ate banana leaf rice, it lasted me till breakfast the next day)

Arriving home with a full stomach, I went into my room to sort myself out and see what I’ll busy myself with for the rest of the afternoon. Somehow it led to me lying on my bed with a growing realization that I’m falling asleep.

And that was the last thought I had before I received a phone call at 8P.M. from mom, asking if I’d like her to pack some dinner for me.

Off days are rare enough as they come. I pity the folks who are so wound up at work that they just can’t bring themselves down, preferring to do their work on weekends too. Myself, I like to draw a line – a big, thick one so nobody misses it – between work and life. As soon as I’ve met my daily quota of 8 hours at work, I’m already out the door. If a call comes in for work-related things on a weekend or on an off day, if I do pick it up, I’ll have it pushed to my earliest convenience, i.e. when I get back to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no sloth: I get my work done quickly and efficiently (mostly because I want to get back to doing nothing as soon as I can, but that’s another story). But as much as I can, I’d like to get work out of the way so that I can get on with, you know, living.

After you receive your university degree, you will spend an average of 35 years working. If you don’t find time to live in between, you’ll realize that you’re 60 with no energy to do all the things you’ve wanted to do. Except maybe write. You’ll have plenty of energy and time to write when you’re 60.

And now for something completely different to end the post with: I’m presently craving for steak. Anyone has any suggestions for really good steaks in the Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya area?


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