321. Slow Day

When making tea earlier today, I was fishing out a tea bag from the container, but found its string tightly wound around the string of another tea bag, almost like they were holding on to each other for dear life. Moved by their devotion, I set both of them back inside the container so they can have a little more time together before the inevitable end, and picked another, solitary tea bag to brew my morning tea with instead.

…Dear God, what have I become?

I guess I should have expected what sort of day it would be when I came into the office this morning, booted up the computer, opened up the work inbox, and found only 9 emails waiting, none of them addressed to me.

It’s why I always have a book by the side of the monitor. Last week, it was Anansi Boys. Today, it is The Hobbit.

(yes, I have never read The Hobbit before. No, I have not been living under a rock or inside a cave. Stop judging me)

When work came in towards the later parts of the morning, I thought to myself that non-productivity can never last, not in a fast-moving agency such as this. But shortly after completing the second copy of the day, I headed out for lunch, and when I came back to my desk, found myself again with nothing to do.

It’s like the job I had earlier this year all over again.

I absently clicked around. Facebook. Twitter. Inbox. Facebook. Twitter. Inbox. I went onto Copyblogger and read an article. Exhausted the new posts on 9gag. Looked up the nutritional contents of goat’s cheese and seedless raisins. Read a few strips of xkcd.

Heck, I even wrote a little.

But there’s only so much of a single thing a person can do at one go. And soon I found myself again clicking around absently on Facebook, Twitter, and the work inbox. Even Facebook, in a fit of annoyance at my constant clicking, refused to load for me anymore, choosing instead to show me an error page.

(I take my lessons from food: for lunch, I ate 2 Roti Canai drenched in Dhal Curry. Before I was done with half of it, I was already sick of the taste: there’s only so much of the same time a person can take at one go)

Time seems to crawl by as I sit at this desk. It’s 2.5 more hours before it’s time to go back, and it really doesn’t look like new work is going to come my way anytime soon. My constant providers of work are either out of the office or have already given me all the work that they could have given me. I suspect that they might be just as bored as I am.

Maybe I should check out Reddit. Or Imgur. I hear there are plenty of things there to amuse and distract the common man from the hundrums of a slow day.

Or maybe I’ll just continue writing.



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