304. Bad Day

It’s just one of those days when the whole world seems to have conspired to piss you off. Every idiot in the car in front of you decides to take his own sweet time as you run late; people make urgent calls to you for mundane things; and everyone and everything is just in your way. Even the bloody tea doesn’t taste right, and you had to pay RM2 for it when the price of a tea bag is 20 cents.

Some people argue that no matter how many bad things happen to your day, the good and the mundane still far outweighs the bad. And there’s no arguing with that. But also know that all it takes is one drop of cyanide to poison a glass of water, and mine is half empty.

So like I found myself a couple of weeks ago, I spent most of the day going around feeling quite rotten.

Nothing that sleep and a little forgetfulness can’t fix though.


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