299. That Moment When…

You’re all ready to wrap up the day’s activities, head into bed for sleep after a chapter of the bedside novel, and rest your tired bones after an incredibly long day…

And you remember something that you were supposed to do earlier in the day, but it had completely slipped your mind.

That just happened to me.

There’s a call for short stories for an upcoming anthology/magazine, and the deadline is this Friday. That’s a little less than 48 hours away now. And because the magazine is based in Malaysia, so I’m not getting the benefit of different time zones. The only solution had been to write this afternoon, edit tomorrow evening after work, and submit later that night.

Right now, it seems that I’ll have to do all 3 things on Thursday: write in the morning, edit in the evening, and submit at night. God only knows if I’ll be able to make it. But try I will.

I have been awake since 5A.M. Fetched my mom to school so that she can go on her trip first thing in the morning, and I’ve been up and about since. Now it’s 10A.M. – almost 18 hours later – and if I don’t put myself to bed, I think my body might just shut down in protest, and I’ll black out where I’m seated in front of the computer until my dad comes home and sends me to bed.

Now my brother’s off to do some very loud late-night singing, and I’m stuck in that moment when I’m not sure if it’s in my best interest to write a few paragraphs and wait for him to finish, or to rush to bed and black out, then wake up earlier tomorrow morning to begin writing.

That moment when you need to make a decision fast, and your brain is too tired to think.


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