295. Life In Reverse, Micro Bits

I thought that I’d lie down on the couch and stare at the ceiling for a little bit while I thought about what for blog for today. I ended up wrapping my legs around a cushion and slipping off into an easy sleep that lasted all of 20 minutes.

Think I might have even snored.

The trouble with a sense of familiarity is that you create an imaginary boundary between you and the things you have never experienced. “This is my world,” you say after a while of being in a place, “This is what I know,” you say after knowing a person for some time.

But the world, and even your best friend, continues to surprise you in a million insane, beautiful, stupid ways. For dinner, instead of going to the Japanese place that I’ve always been to, I went to the Chinese restaurant opposite that I’ve always blown off as too expensive. I was right about it being expensive, but the food was nothing short of glorious.

Remember how, as a child, the world was your playground and every place, new and old, was a chance to explore? It still is. It still can be.

If you’d begin to see things in a new way.

Or even an old way.

There are days when you will begin to fail in the most basic of ways. You know the sort. You can’t even pull your pants on right; the phone refuses to cooperate with you; your fingers feel clunky; you’re just barely managing to lift the cup of coffee to your lips. You’re not even sure if you added sugar or salt into the coffee. You begin to curse everyone who could have put a label on the jars, but did not.

As I drove around the parking lot looking for a place to park, I suddenly lost the last 5 years of experience driving around, and my whole body became a confused tangle of nerves. I eventually managed a reverse-park with all the grace of a driver who just got his license.

Thank goodness I still have the P Stickers for the world to see.

Priorities: I have them.

I was supposed to transfer the first pages of Grounded onto the screen, from my handwritten script. I ended up writing 708 words of a new story, went and watched some kittens play in the backyard for a little bit, and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing Skyrim. I was supposed to go to gym; but by the time I peeled myself away from the computer, it was already dark and time for dinner.

People don’t want your help. People want a chance to prove themselves strong and capable.

I think we owe it to each other to leave others to their own battles. Because then the triumph, the glory, and the rewards will be theirs alone. So will the lessons and the wisdom acquired, if they fail.

I woke up at 8.20A.M. on my own volition.

I think I have this grown-up thing pretty much nailed now.


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