291. But Wait, There’s More!

It’s almost an hour past the time work was supposed to end, and I’m still sitting in the office.

(yeah, fine; work starts half an hour later than it’s supposed to as well. But there’s a deficit of 30 minutes, you see)

It’s a strange kind of job that I have, or life that I live. When I’m working, it’s when everyone else is done with their jobs; and when other people are working, it’s when I’m aimlessly clicking around on Metacritic, AV Club, and IMDB. Guess that’s predictable, considering how practically the rest of the staff are designers and I’m the sole copywriter in this place. In job description, at least.

How work happens is that the designers will do their work – slaving away at it for most of the work day – and hopefully try and finish it in time for them to go home and have dinner. Trouble is, I’m sitting on the back end of the pipeline, which is to say the proofreading end. As far as the designers are concerned, their job is done for the day. They hit command+s when the clock hits 6.15P.M., and pass the job on to the next person. They twiddle their thumbs and wait for the next 15 minutes to pass by.

Then I, having sat around all day doing nothing, now has 15 minutes to fulfill my role in the pipeline if I intend to head home in time.

Needless to say, it almost never works.

I keep finding myself sticking around as the sky darkens outside the window from baby blue to deep navy, and then finally to the obsidian of night. And the work keeps coming in the longer I stick around.

The day ends, I head home, come back in the next day; and what awaits me is more work, left over from the designers who stayed through the night to get their end of the work done. I complete that as the other employees come trickling into the workspace, and by the time it’s 11A.M., I’m done with my tasks, the designers are back at their desks making corrections, and I have nothing to do again until 6.15P.M.

(the same dynamics apply to you and the general public if you are: a) a mall renovator; b) a club staff; or c) a sweatshop worker, in which case you don’t actually get any rest at all)

On the plus side, because of how work suddenly comes in at the end of the day, I’m pretty much held up until the worst of the rush hour traffic is over. Why, just yesterday, it took me a measly 30 minutes to go all the way home, as opposed to the 90 minutes it usually takes, or 120 minutes, if some idiot decided to have his car stall along the 2-lane road home.

I’ve been wondering, though: if, say, I leave work at 6.30P.M., and it takes me an average of 90 minutes to reach home; but if I leave at 7.30P.M., it only takes me 30 minutes. Does this technically count as some form of time travel? Since I’m actually getting an hour (or wasting an hour, depending on your frame of reference) from the system.

Maybe I’ll stay back a little bit more to figure it out.


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