287. Poem: The Short Giraffe

Long ago, in a forest old
There lived a short giraffe
She was different from all the rest
Which made it very rough

Her mother said, “You’re special, dear
There’s no need to compare.”
With her sister, though – the fat giraffe
She had a love-and-hate affair

To her sister went the tender leaves
As juicy as can be
The Short Giraffe ate the sour leaves
“It sucks to be me,” said she

One day, she saw a leaf bright green
Hanging off a lower branch
Her mouth, it watered at the sight
She thought, “This shall be my lunch!”

She tried and tried, but no matter what she did
It remained just out of reach
The Fat Giraffe then came and pushed her down
While cackling like a witch

“Oops so sorry, didn’t see you there!”
Her sister said with mirth
The Short Giraffe sobbed and went away
And laid down on the earth

The river sparkled clear and blue
Like crystals in the sun
Beside it, she saw a little thing
That looked quite like a bun

She was hungry so, The Short Giraffe
And it looked good to eat
She ate the bun, The Short Giraffe
And found it to be sweet

The land of sweets, the legends told
Lies far beyond the stream
The Short Giraffe let out a huff
And left to find her dream


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