279. Scattered Thoughts

Scattered Thoughts I’ve had throughout the day:

  • It’s been 10 years since the tsunami hit Malaysia. 100 years since the breakout of World War I. If there’s one thing to be learned from disasters – man made or otherwise – it’s that we’re not as invincible as we think, and life is far, far shorter and more fragile than we’d like it to be. Life and nature marches on, of course. We don’t.
  • Every company needs a pretty PR lady. I scarce think that any company can achieve success without a pretty PR lady.
  • I should get a proper kettle for this office. This water heater is only helping me make more boiled leaf juice. Proper kettle means properly boiled water, means properly brewed tea.
  • I should get some of them white ceramic cups from Parkson. This house is running out of cups because I keep breaking them.
  • Room rentals don’t make sense economically unless you live in a different city than your parents/guardians. Traffic jams are inconvenient, petrol and road tolls are costly; but even after taking opportunity cost into consideration, the price of room rental, not including utility fees and cost of meals, actually incurs a net loss of wealth. The only question to ask is how much one is willing to pay for convenience and/or privacy.
  • When tea evaporates, do the tea particles get left behind as water escapes as vapor, like it does in sugar and salt water? Or do the tea particles evaporate together with the water, since it’s infused that way?
  • The biggest beef I have against Christian movies is their refusal to be relevant and to address concerns. Invariably – especially so in stage productions – the nonbeliever is reduced to a caricature rather than treated as a real human being. And they take the secular world’s disdain for their outputs as persecution towards the faith. In my capacity as a fellow Christian, I’d like to say that it’s simply because Christian movies, in general, sucks harder than an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • I cringe whenever a pastor starts rattling off scientific facts to prove the bible right – especially when said “scientific facts” are completely wrong. Dear pastors, science does not work the same way as faith: your conviction will not make anything in science more true. Approach faith how you’ve always known how to, but when it comes to science, at least be pretty damn sure what you’re saying is accurate. Even then, leave margin for errors.
  • After witnessing someone pierce a potato all the way through using a simple plastic straw, I wonder if the same can be used as a murder weapon. The straw, not the potato.
  • I wonder what will happen if I search on Google Images with the keywords: “beautiful girl”. I’m almost afraid to try.
  • The evening sky really is pretty, when you take time to admire it. I have a spectacular view driving down the highway from work – there’s a good 3km stretch where there are no tall buildings to block the sight of the great life-sustaining dome.
  • The more self-important one feels, the more disappointed one is likely to become. There’s a clear distinction between self-esteem and self-importance, and it’s crucial to know the difference.
  • I should sleep.

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