278. Grey Torrents, Lightning Bolts, Warm Lights

(no, I did not just name 3 Pokemon skills)

It was a fine first day at a new workplace, as far as first days at new workplaces go. I arrived in the area 2 solid hours before work of any sort was supposed to begin, acquainted myself with the Hobbiton tradition of eating 2 breakfasts, and then when I went up to the front door of the office and rang the bell 10 minutes before the official time for commencement of work, no one answered.

I peered in through the gap just wide enough to fit a face, squinted so I could see through the tinted glass door on the inside, and found the office completely dark and void of people.

(living ones, at least)

It took me a little while more (to the tune of half an hour) to realize that the folks at this office had a very loose sense of what “punctuality” means. In other words, people like me.

“You’ve been here since WHAT TIME?” the lead designer exclaimed, staring at me. I’ve received the same look from the citizens of Falkreath, Skyrim after slaying a dragon right before their eyes and absorbing its soul. “We usually arrive between 9.30 and 9.45,” the lead designer continued, “So just show up before 10. Don’t be so early next time.”

I think I’m going to like this place.

As first days at new workplaces go, it was pretty uneventful. I’ve been told that first days for interns in the accounting departments all across the corporate sphere are a lot more exciting, but I doubt that it’s the kind of excitement I’d like to have. I mostly sat around figuring out how to work an iMac (“intuitive”, my ass), reading blogs about science and the writing craft, clicked around facebook and twitter, and yes, I wrote a little.

(The Evilwith Inn is what the story is called. Because I’m punny like that)

At about 5P.M., the skies began to pour. Something with a deeper, more poetic soul would say that the heavens cried, but for me, it just rained. It wasn’t one of those clean rains that makes the leaves green and flowers refreshed – it was a pounding, roaring sort of rain that came like Armageddon, bathing the world in grey, gloom, and cold.

Kind of like this blog, I guess.

A particularly vicious bolt of lightning took out the power in the office along with, I suspected, about 30 minutes’ worth of designing work done on 6 computers, adding up to 3 hours of lost productivity. I, for one, wasn’t affected at all by the sudden blackout – except for half a sentence that I had typed into facebook chat when it happened. What can I say? I’m the new guy at work. I’m not supposed to be working.

What the storm left behind was a sight to behold. I witnessed it after I had driven out of the workplace and onto the incredible congested highways.

On the right, the skies were alive in vibrant hues of yellow and orange, the skyscrapers silhouetted in the foreground. Around the edges of this evening sky were tinges of pink and green, which faded into midnight black straight ahead, where blue-and-white lightning splintered across the sky like electric branches. Then on the left side of the highway, the skies cleared up a little to a deep navy color – the color of approaching night.

To say that it was “pretty” would be like calling Lily Collins “kinda cute”.

(I know I’m exaggerating her beauty; but this is my blog, and I shall allow myself to be as fanboyish as I’d like to be)

I arrived home long after the sky had turned dark. All in all, I’ve spent more time today out of the house than in it. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll try being as late as the rest of them.

Because when in Rome…


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