276. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Makes one healthy, wealthy, and set on a one-way road to mid-life crisis.

Tonight is my last night sleeping as a kid. The last night for as far as the foreseeable future stretches, anyway. When I wake up on Monday morning, I must wake up at 6.30A.M. like I used to on the days that classes started at 8A.M. (I still think that classes before 10A.M. should be considered a crime against humanity), so that I can beat the jam and get my butt to Damansara for work.

The smartest man I know (because the smartest person I know is a woman, and “the second-smartest person I know” just doesn’t pack the same punch) said that growing up, regardless of how old you are when it happens to you, is when you begin to think about consequences. The more I think about that, the more I’m convinced that I’m still a little kid who refuses to grow up.

It has been what, 2 and a half weeks now since I’ve started playing Skyrim? That game just goes on and on and on. I’ve been sleeping at 2A.M. and 3A.M. because I’ve been up playing the game, and if you think that the recent posts have dipped in quality, it’s all thanks to the folks at Bethesda Studios for creating such a ridiculously addictive game.

(or maybe the quality hadn’t dipped at all… In which case, I don’t know what to say)

And the thing is, even though I’m supposed to be on holiday, I’m still expected very often to be awake at a reasonable hour in the morning. (The world’s standard of “reasonable”, not mine – a reasonable hour to wake up by my standards is noon.) This means that I’m not getting the proper 6-8 hours of sleep I’m supposed to be getting to maintain optimal bodily functions. Sure, I take naps in the afternoons, but sleep, like work, is one of those things that you just can’t interrupt – the more you interrupt it, the more hours you end up having to put in to make up for the interruption.

Come Monday, I will not be able to take naps on the nice comfy couch in the living room anymore when I feel sleepy halfway through the day.

Consequences, consequences. And it’ll be back to sleeping at 11P.M. for me.

You’d think that for my last day to sleep without having to worry about consequences (from the work side, at least), I’ll be staying up a lot later. But no. Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to lead worship for the church service, which means I have to show up at 8.45A.M. for the run-through. Not that it had stopped me from staying up late before, but what I’m feeling right now is a sourish taste that’s working its way up my nasal passage, a feeling I have grown to recognize as a precursor to a cold.

I’ve since taken a vitamin C pill and flushed my system with water. It’s only a little bit past midnight now as I write this, and I hope that rest does my body well.

So much for the last night sleeping as a kid.


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