271. I Love The Rainy Night

Well I love a rainy night
Well I love a rainy night
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

-Rabbitt Eddie, I Love A Rainy Night

It has been raining – no, pouring – over the Klang Valley and its surrounding regions over the past few weeks or so.

It’s funny that just a few months ago, we Malaysians living on the peninsula side (more west coast than east) were complaining about the unforgiving drought that came at the same time as the haze. Since then, there had been a water shortage all across the Kuala Lumpur region, and heavy rains have been showering down over these parts incessantly.

I don’t know about the rest of them, but my area is strangely unaffected by the water rationing enforced by the government. While everyone else had been busy storing up water like acorns to last the winter, I have been taking regular showers and using water indiscriminately.

(all over social media, everyone’s trying to make some clever remark about the irony of having a water shortage in the middle of the wettest season of the year, always along the lines of, “Raining every day, and we still have no water??”. Listen, guys: when everybody is being clever, nobody is)

What I’m really enjoying, the uninterrupted access to water aside, is the refreshing chill that came in with the rain.

Earlier today, I spent the latter part of the afternoon curled up underneath warm blankets with The Green Mile in my hands, while the rain fell in torrents outside, and the cool wind came whistling in through the gap in the door.

(okay, the wind didn’t exactly come whistling in – but allow me to be romantic about the whole thing, okay?)

The downpour persisted from 4P.M. until probably 6P.M. I fell asleep somewhere around 5.30P.M., so I cannot say for sure. But what’s important is that when I woke up near 7P.M., the rain was gone with the heat of the day, which basically guaranteed that the chill would linger in the air throughout the rest of the evening.

There’s something innately romantic about the rain. Also about the night. It’s probably why so many songs have been written on the two subjects.

I think what connects the two is the feeling of isolation it brings: in the night, you’re left to the darkness as everybody else retreats into slumber; and in the pouring rain, you’re left to be alone as people take shelter and the sounds of the rain drowns away the bustle that usually surrounds you. It’s like bring transported into an alternate world, where you get both the comfort of familiarity and the freedom of solitude.

Even as I write this, a gentle breeze is carrying in the cool air through the open door. If there’s anything to be said after a day of doing next to nothing besides reading a little, writing a little, and playing a lot of Skyrim, it’s that I love the rainy night.

(song continues to play in the background; slow fade out as chorus repeats)


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