255. Plot Twist!

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

Take today, for example. I woke up At 9.30A.M. after snoozing my alarm 5 times and lumbered downstairs, had some breakfast, drank a cup of hot milo, and sat myself down in front of my laptop, intending to get some writing done. By that time, I had about 1.5 hours until I had to go to church for music practice.

When after 30 minutes nothing was done, I shrugged and thought that a little sleep wouldn’t hurt. So I laid down on the couch and slept until 11.30A.M., then went off to church.

After music practice was a meeting over lunch, in which I ate a hearty Indian meal of rice, curry, fried fish, and fried chicken (I’m still convinced they come from fried eggs). My carecell leader stared at me as I ate the meal, and took the chance to remind me that I’m growing fat.

Well. Thanks for that.

So I said I’ll go to the gym after. Just then, it started to rain.

No worries, right? Gymming is an indoors kind of things. A little rain can’t stop anyone. I parked my car, went inside my house to change, and thought that a little sleep wouldn’t hurt. So I laid down on the couch to wait for the rain to ease up a little before I head off to the gym.

There I slept until 10P.M., when gunshots from the Hong Kong movie on TV woke me up.

I guess you could say that sleep is the bane of productivity. I don’t disagree. The good book says in Proverbs that he who loves sleep will come to poverty. But what’s a man expected to do when it’s raining so heavily outside, and the sky is so gloomy?

When I woke up, there was a notification on whatsapp from the church worship team coordinator, telling me that there has been a last-minute change in the Easter service program. So I’ll be leading worship on Easter morning as well.

All I could reply was “\o/”.

(“\o/” is the new “lol” – versatile for any situation. It can be taken to mean “yay!” or “well, what can you do?”, or even as far as “Praise the Lord!” or “whatever. whoopee-do”. Also, it looks like a “lol” with spread arms)

Life is full of surprises. Some of them more pleasant and welcome than others.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine bought a new smartphone at a bargain price. Unsure of what to do with his old iPhone 4, he decided to let me use it until I get my own.

I was perfectly happy with my Nokia, of course. But eh, free iPhone. Why not?

(that’s the Chinese in me talking. Remember the rule about cheap things no good, good things no cheap; but free things are always good)

And now I have been inducted into the smartphone family. I’ve disabled just about every unnecessary (as of yet) function on the phone, and I’ve downloaded a grand total of 2 apps for it. I think I’ll get into the mood of things in good time.

But for now, since I cannot go back to sleep, I think I’ll go do that writing I was supposed to do this morning.


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