228. The New Weekends

Something strange happened when I entered into the world of the working adult. Inexplicably, I became busier on the weekends than I am on the weekdays.

It’s not a terribly difficult thing to do, to make me busier than I am on weekdays. My productivity in terms of tasks given and tasks completed is like dividing by zero. It’s not that my ratio of work completed to work assigned is so high that it approaches infinity, but simply that the number does not exist. There is no comparison. Because I get no work.

Sometimes I get to draft an email, and that’s on a good week.

It intrigues me. Because while my brain tells me that I should be busier on weekdays – seeing, you know, that I get up early and sit at a desk for 8 hours – I am really far from it. The real action begins when the weekend hits.

To recap the weekend I just had:

Saturday: drove the car to the mechanic’s shop. Went for music practice. Had lunch. Attended an event briefing. Went for another music practice. Went for lunch. Went to get car from mechanic’s shop. Went to church to do some short sharing. Went for a friend’s birthday party. Drove a friend back after.

(you see why my brain just decided to switch off midway through yesterday’s post. I promise I’ll write on the subject of public speaking – for real this time – in another post)

Sunday: woke up late for music practice. Went for music practice. Attended church. Had extended lunch with friends. Attended event. Went for job briefing.

(if this sounds like I’m doing a lot of jobs, it’s true. The mechanic’s bill came up to close to RM1000. That’s 300 US Dollars. God knows where I’m going to get the money to pay the mechanic from)

What to do I do from Mondays to Fridays? Go to work. Endure mind-numbing boredom. Come back from work. Well – that’s unfair. Sometimes it gets exciting. For example, last Friday I received a task to send an email to 50 email addresses.

Oh, no. I didn’t draft that email. The template was already given. I didn’t compile the list of 50 email addresses either – I only transferred them from a little booklet into the computer screen. And that’s the most exciting thing I did all week.

These new weekends are curious things. And I wonder why all my writing only seems to get done during the weekdays. It has come to a point where I actually look forward to going to work on Mondays, because it means that I can resume the writing projects that I have left alone over the weekend.

(every Friday, I send the word file to myself, telling Future-Me to work on the word files. Every Monday, I open my email, and am invariably disappointed to find that Past-Me (which was Future-Me last Friday) did not add a single word to the project. What a lazy ass)

It’s closing in on midnight now as I write this. I’m actually waiting to get back at my work desk.

God help me. I’m beginning to enjoy going to work.


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