202. Sick of Being Sick

When I woke up today, my nose was blocked. There was an unbearably dryness in my throat. My whole body was hot and cold at the same time.

And I knew that I was bloody sick again.

I suppose I should have called in sick, but the boss had just given me a good sounding last Friday concerning the number of leaves I have been taking from work:

“You’re supposed to plan your leaves, not use them all up in 2 months!”

So against all reason, I decided that I should head to work, since I was already up.

Now I am seated at my desk, sneezing my nose off. The irritating part is that these sneezes don’t come because of the cold, or because of an irritation in my nose – those things, at least, can be solved by going to warmer places or removing the irritation. These sneezes have no reason to come, and they have no reason to go either.

The dryness in my throat has evolved into a hot itch. It feels like I’m swallowing hot sand mixed with saliva every time. The left side of my nose is blocked. I keep thinking that if my stupid left nostril would just clear itself, this sickness would not be so miserable.

I’ve taken my Vitamin C. I’ve drank my tea. I’ve been ingesting more water than I had over the whole weekend. Why, then, am I sneezing even more than ever?

(in the time it took me to write this far, I’ve sneezed at least 10 times)

Sneeze. Sneeze. Sneeze.


My plans for the day included going for an hour’s walk after work. I guess that’s not going to happen, since all I am physically capable of doing is to get wrapped up in blankets and curse the sickness away.

Where did I go wrong? Was it the binge-eating I did during my time in Malacca? Was it the lack of rest? Was it the alcohol that I had yesterday?

I’m going with that “alcohol” bit. I’m sorry, body. I’ll never ingest alcohol again, if that’ll make you happy.

If you plan on sticking around, sickness, can you at least make me sick enough that I can get me an MC? Either do that, or leave me be. Don’t leave me teetering on the line between going to work and not going to work. Because God knows that being sick and being at work is too much for a man to bear at the same time.

I hope I get better tomorrow. Or worse. Anything that doesn’t involve being doubly miserable for the full day. Either way, I’m sick of being sick.


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