200. Thursday

Ah, Thursday. Only one more day to work before it’s the last day of the week before the weekend.

It’s Thursday when you know that the worst is over. You’ve crossed the halfway mark to the weekend. If the first 2 working days could be compared to bringing a car (assuming a stick analogy) up to gear, and Wednesday is when  you kick into high gear, Thursday is when you relax your feet on the accelerator.

It’s all chill, man. It’s all good. We’re just cruising now.

This is post number 200. The 4th 50-day milestone in this 365-day writing journey. I’m amazed I even made it this far.

I mean, 100,000 words. You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s more words than the unabridged version of The Hobbit. That’s 2 respectable-length novels. That’s 2 years worth of NaNoWriMo projects. That’s more words than a non-writer writes in a year, and I’ve done it in a little more than half of that.

(there’s a comparison here to be made about 100,000 words with the number of words the average American reads per year, but opinions are so diverse that simply going through them would be a huge nightmare in itself)

But there’s still work to be done. The week isn’t even close to over yet. Maybe on Friday the action winds down, but for now, we cruise on. We use the momentum we’ve built to carry on.

Carry on, I say. Carry on.

There are stories to commit to words. Scripts to write. If anything, I’m just hoping that the bulk of the work I have to be will be done at the end of Friday, so that when Saturday and Sunday rolls around, I won’t have to burden myself with work on the weekend. Hopefully by that time, even work will be on cruise mode – taking care of itself, rather than having me chase after it.

With a big stick, naturally.

Also hopefully, the fine mess I’ve gotten myself into would be resolved by the end of Friday. No way to know for sure right now, but things must find a way to sort themselves out. And I really don’t want to be bringing work back home for the weekend. Let everything settle, that I hope and pray.

But as it has been said, many times, many ways:

Carry on.


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