194. Determination: Pros and Cons

It’s 1.37A.M. If I close this laptop and go to sleep, deciding that proper sleep is more important than this obsessive 365 project, I’ll be able to salvage exactly. 5 hours and 23 minutes of sleep, which, while 37 minutes less than the recommended sleeping hours, is still something, compared to if I were to head to sleep at, say, 2A.M.

Either way, whether I sleep now or at 2A.M., I will not be getting enough sleep if I intend to wake up in time for work. So here lies my options:

a. Wake up in time for work, don’t get enough sleep
b. Don’t wake up in time for work, get enough sleep
c. Don’t go to work (but lose money and productivity)

That last option is looking very attractive as the minutes pass.

Let me weigh the pros and cons of each options:

a. Wake up in time for work, don’t get enough sleep

I’ll have money, and I’ll have productivity owing to my boredom at work (unless work appears, which is unlikely). I will also be nodding off for most parts of the morning, and quite possibly the rest of the day as well, because I’ve never been able to nap properly anywhere outside of home. Besides, not getting enough sleep is a big no-no for healthy living.

On the other hand, I’ll be a good employee.

b. Don’t wake up in time for work, get enough sleep

I’ll still have money and productivity, no problem. The only thing I risk is looking like a terrible employee who shows up whenever he feels like it (not that I care much for the perception of others, anyway). On the plus side, I’ll get enough sleep, and my health would be spared from the chopping board.

c. Don’t go to work

Which would make me greatly happy. I’ll have a day to relax, to complete the writing for Noir Blues, to do up my CV, and probably play Borderlands 2. Hell, I’ll even exercise in the evening. Please, can I skip work tomorrow? Pretty please?

On the downside, the number of distractions available at home would lower my productivity to near zero, and I won’t be getting any money for taking the day off. I’ll look like a bad employee, and I’ll have some explaining to do to my parents, who will realize that I’m not supposed to be at home.

But I’ll be happy.

Choices, choices.

Productivity and money I’ll always have. Happiness can be found in a multitude of ways. Explanations won’t matter a week from now. Work can be delayed and done. Health, on the other hand, is probably something that I should look into, especially since I’m getting out of the age of invulnerability.

So option a is out of the question. That leaves behind b and c.

Choices, choices.

Maybe I’ll sleep on it.


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