186. The Dark Tower

Yesterday marked the first day of the Chinese New Year celebrations here in Malaysia.

(well, technically all around the world, but one can never be too sure)

Family reunions are always great, especially during Chinese New Year – free food, red packets with money inside (more of the money and less of the red packet), holidays – what’s there not to like?

For the constant antisocial which I am, it’s also a great chance to catch up on reading, since I’m not much about catching up on the life and times of relatives.

Fiction is usually so much more interesting than real life anyway.

This reunion, I’ve brought with me the last book of The Dark Tower with me, a book which I’ve been trudging through at a painfully slow rate since the September of 2013.

With about 200 pages to go until the end of the behemoth of a tale, I thought it was as good an opportunity as any to get up to speed, and probably – fingers crossed – even finish the book, and hence the epic series.

Yesterday night, I flipped open to where I had left off with the gunslinger and his ka-tet: on badlands avenue.

Earlier this evening, at about 5pm, I stood at the final chapters of the book, wondering if I should complete it at all.

The hardest goodbyes are always those that are delayed.

But – much like the gunslinger after the long years of travel and the blood shed along the way – I carried on. I began this journey a little less than a year ago, this long march towards The Dark Tower; and I was so close to completing it – I’d be damned if I didn’t see this through till its bitter end.

In the foreword written, “On Being Nineteen (Among Other Things)”, Mr. King talked about how his epic work was, in large parts, inspired by Mr. Tolkien’s epic work concerning Hobbits.

I guess history has an interesting way of repeating itself, because now, after the end of Mr. King’s epic story, I feel that I may have an idea or two for mine.

After all, ka is a wheel.


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