180. “Bo Jio”

If you enjoy crashing pictures of people’s outings and celebrations on facebook with these two words, I have a few things to say to you:

Shut up.

Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP.

And one more thing:


Look, think of it this way: if you had to say “Bo jio”, there likely is a very good reason why you weren’t “jio”-ed to the event.

To the uninformed: “Bo jio” is Hokkien for, literally, “Didn’t call”, or in context, “Why didn’t you invite me?”. The phrase has existed for a while now, but has gained popularity in recent months on social media. Originally starting off as a fun poke at people having fun, it has devolved into something monstrous that plagues nearly every status or picture update of people doing almost absolutely anything.

“Had such a great time at my sister’s 16th birthday party!”
“Bo jio.”

“Watched Frozen again with high school friends. We should meet up again soon!”
“Bo jio.”

“Family mall outing!”
“Bo jio.”

See, jokes are like salt in food. Things are really bland without them. Put a little in, and it makes for a great experience. Overuse it, and you’re in for some trouble.

It was fun and all when “Bo jio” started off accompanied by a funny picture. It isn’t anymore when literally no one can mention going out without someone commenting the two dreaded words in the comments section.

It’s like crashing a facebook baby announcement with “Death comes to us all in the end”. Just. Not. Cool.

Look, I know. It’s all in jest, and in good fun. Of course people aren’t really whining about the fact that they weren’t invited. But it also is annoying as hell. I mean, if you’re going to joke about something, at least be a little creative about it.

Allow me to suggest a few other ways in which you could respond:

1. Pretend you were there

“Yeah man, it was totally awesome! Can’t wait for the next meetup, love you guys <3 <3 <3”

It’ll confuse them so badly. Who knows – you might even get invited to the next event in their confusion.

2. Go full creepy stalker on them

Cross the line twice with comments that sound almost psychotic in how clingy they sound.

“You… You guys went out? Without… Me? Don’t you guys like me? I thought- I thought we were friends… But it’s okay, it’s your choice, I guess… If you don’t like me…

…I’ll make you like me…”

It might be good for a few laughs. They might decide that you’re actually a pretty okay person and invite you for the next outing. That, or it’ll ensure that you’ll never see another update from them again.

3. Subvert “Bo jio”

If all else fails, play a twist on the phrase. Let people think that you’re going to say “Bo jio”, but yank the rug from underneath them in a clever subversion. At least there’s some degree of humor in there to appreciate.

In the end, all I want to say is this: be creative about being funny. Unless you’re not trying to be funny, and are actually bummed that you weren’t invited, in which case you should take the matter to those involved in a face-to-face encounter, rather than over the internet. As far as the comments section is concerned, however:



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