179. Do Fried Chicken Come From Fried Eggs?

I cannot comprehend the way my mind works sometimes.

Since the time “confession pages” popped up around the internet, a lot of people have become very brave in their anonymity in confessing to thoughts and desires that they’ve had. I don’t personally join in the confession sharing, but reading them is quite the eye-opening experience.

One thing that people need to know, however, is that most of us are not as weird/different as we may think we are.

See, I used to think that I was the only weird person who felt like jumping off a ledge whenever I approached one, despite having a healthy fear of heights and falling. I used to think that I was weird for wanting the tiles on floors to align properly. I thought that my opinions towards certain things were completely original and not shared by others.

The internet has shown me that I’m not as alone as I thought.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who walks into a room wanting to get something, and then find that I cannot remember what I was looking for the moment I walked into the room. I’m not the only one who gets a strange urge to prank people in horrible ways that would ruin their days (but make several ones of mine in the days to come). I’m not the only one who gets dreams about my teeth falling out, or driving from the backseat, or suddenly finding myself back in primary school, or ending up on really tall, unstable buildings.

(seriously though, those dreams are trippy as. Someone needs to do some in-depth research into this)

It also showed me that my brilliant story ideas were neither as brilliant or as original as I thought them when I was 17. Thank goodness too – the stuff I wrote back in those days was too bad for publication, even by fanfiction standards.

(in an ideal world, no one would be allowed to publish anything until they turn 25. Both for their sake, and for the human race in general)

But once in a while, I get pretty strange ideas. Most of the time they’re just wordplay (“come on? Come off!” / “Shut up? Shut down!”), but sometimes they’re genuine questions, such as:

Do people who pronounce “Mexico” as “Me-hi-co” also pronounce “Taxi” as “Te-hi”? You know, since they replace the “-cks” sound in the first for a “h” sound.


Why do people say that one has fallen “head over heels” for someone? I mean, your head is, by default, already over your heels. If you literally bowled over because that’s how hard you fell, shouldn’t you fall “heels over head”?

And so on.

In a world which sees less and less of boundaries and definition these days, I’m glad to have this going on for me – however strange it is. It’s a part of what makes me uniquely me, this combination of wordplay with strange questions.

Seriously though, do fried chicken come from fried eggs?


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