176. Rebels At Stagnation

At about 10.30A.M. today, the boss came around and told me that he’s taking me out.

Where? Why? For how long?

Who the hell cares?

(“I’m going on an adventure!”)

I put my things away, closed facebook and the half-completed story outline I was doing, grabbed my trusty notebook, and out the door I went!

It was a simple trip, really. We were supposed to deliver some complimentary calendars over to some affiliates located in Putrajaya, and then later on, in Sri Serdang. So for about 3 hours between 11A.M. and 2P.M., I became the office’s courier boy.

And damn if it wasn’t awesome.

Putrajaya was different than I remembered it. The buildings looked shiny. Clean. Modern. Nothing like the rest of Malaysia at a glance. I made mental notes of filming locations as we passed the fancy-looking fronts of buildings, went around bends, and later explored the insides of the buildings as we looked for the offices that we were supposed to deliver the calendars to.

To think that this is what all of Malaysia could look like, if it weren’t for, well, unfortunate circumstances.

The 3 hours felt longer than it was. Perhaps it was the amount of moving around the the number of places we visited. But it’s not a bad thing – in fact, I relished the change of environment. Being on the road beats sitting at a desk any day of the week. I almost suggested that I should do all the courier work from now on.

If there’s one thing that I can empathize with Mr. Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is how, as he describes it, his “mind rebels at stagnation”. I’m simply unable to do one thing for extended periods of time, not without mental distress. Somewhat related to the attention deficit creator disorder, I think. I cannot “settle down” and “just do this” for very long. I cannot put up with rigid routines – it’s the P in my INTP screaming to be set loose whenever my schedule gets locked down to certain events.

It’s the reason why I’ve never been able to produce any of that consistent work that produces good results in exams. Ask me to understand quadratic equations over the weekend? I can do that. Make me study at least 2 hours daily? No way in hell. As a result, most of my grades for the subjects involving memorizing facts (because, as I’ve found out, you cannot binge-memorize 2 years’ worth of facts) and language skills (with the exception of English, because I’m terribly good at that) suffered quite badly.

I could, however, discuss models of ethical behaviour and black holes without embarrassing myself. Because unlike history and language, those stuff did not require me to sit down with a particular book and put in a particular number of hours before acquiring some degree of knowledge. I could learn about them whenever I wanted, however I wanted.

My mind rebels at stagnancy. Give me the “what”s, and I’ll figure out the “how”s.

At the end of the 3-hour excursion around town, it was topped off by an Indian lunch, fully paid for by some kind folks.

A break from routine, a tour around town, relief from mental stagnation.

What’s there not to like?


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