172. Unpublished Stories

(on life and times: I spent most of yesterday watching the extended editions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers with friends, fans and strangers to the trilogy alike. Spent much of the hours explaining to Ann Na the backstory, the mechanics, and reminding her of who the characters were. Somewhere towards the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, my brain shut down. Towards the middle of The Two Towers, so did my body. When I insisted that we finish the 7-hour ordeal, my body has figuratively said “F— it” and crashed on me, leaving me tasting sickness in my mouth when I woke up today)

I’ve started a new blog, here on WordPress. It’s called “Unpublished Stories”.

It is exactly what it says it is.

I make it a personal challenge to write the day’s post on the day itself (with the exception of camp), so all of Fiction Friday’s stories are written within that 24-hour window I have every week. As a person, I get bored; and as a storyteller, I create stories to amuse myself. Sometimes to pass the time. Sometimes because I get excited about a new plot. Sometimes because I just want to.

But where do broken hearts go?

I mean, where do these stories go?

They go up on facebook notes. Other times, on Wattpad (especially if they contain profanity, or if they’re part of a longer series). Other times, they just sit in stories purgatory, neither in my head nor for the public’s eye.

So this is the place that I have created for them to go. A place where they would neither glory in the status of being published, and neither will they see the fire and hear the gnashing of teeth. Well, metaphorically. Right off the bat, I already have a couple of stories that can go up – some written just last week; some written years ago. Then as the stories come and as they are written, there they will go.

Check it out, follow it, and recommend it to your friends. I’ll love you for it.

(in a strictly platonic way, however)

Who knows? One day an agent might stumble across it and decide to give me a job. Fat chance, but a man can dream.

So here it is.



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