169. Productivity

(post number 169. Heh heh heh)

Productivity: I have none of it.

Work is a little slow, in the way that a grizzly bear is a little furry. Earlier this week, the nice lady who sits beside me asked me if I would like to proofread and edit an article. My immediate response was: “Oh God, yes please.”

(this does not imply that she is my God. She is, however, my provider. Of work. And alleviation of boredom)

Remember when I said the best thing you can do to a writer is to bore him to death? Well, it happened. With nothing to amuse myself with in the hours that I spent at work, I have resorted to desperate means to pass the time. I’ve begun writing.

In the past week alone, I wrote 3 new short stories. This week, when work got even slower (and I thought that it couldn’t get any slower than last week!), I knew I had to find something that would keep me occupied on a continual basis.

So I had started writing a novel.


I haven’t thought of a title yet. I briefly considered doing a sequel to Johann’s Fantastic Adventures Through Time, but decided that I’ve bothered the poor girl enough. I had dug deep into my memory, and found something worth writing about.

See, in September last year, I went to Cameron Highlands for a leadership retreat of sorts. While there, I had the opportunity to visit some of the must-see spots, including stores selling tea and scones, strawberry farms, tea plantations, and… Well, that’s about it actually. One of these places that I visited was a quaint little café that is situated right along the main road, hidden on the second floor, and only accessible through a flight of stairs behind Mary Brown’s.

(I remember it as the place behind Mary Brown’s; but never trust my memory. It looks just like any ordinary memory, but it’s really quite the con)

I recall the place vividly, because one of the first thoughts that I had when I stepped into the place (the very first, I believe, was “Ooh, scones!”) was that I have to write a story based on it. It had a nostalgic, almost magical feel about it; and unlike many modern establishments, it was one of those places that inspires evoking imagination.

(“the place of imagination”. There’s a story idea in here somewhere)

On Monday I found the memory waiting there in the recesses of my mind, still fresh and unadulterated. It was as good a memory as I could find to base a story on, and so I began writing on Monday afternoon. By the time I was done in the evening, I had 1,500 words committed to the screen.

Today, after a full morning with the story, the word count is now up to 5,000. If this pattern persists, I’ll have a novel out and ready by the end of the month.

I cannot say too much about the story yet, not because of legal issues or whatnots, but because even I don’t have much idea about what I’m writing about yet. Except that it involves nature, spirits, anthropomorphic personifications, fantastical objects, and a plucky heroine. That’s right – it’s exactly like Johann’s Fantastic Adventures Through Time. Never let it be said that I don’t practice gender equality in my writing of protagonists.

For now, I guess this is as close to a full-time writing job as I’ll get. Maybe when tomorrow comes, I’ll find myself working as a full-time writer with a big studio, and I’ll have to leave this project alone for a little while. Maybe.



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