150. Wednesday

I am continually amazed at the ever-rising post number. Was it only a few months ago when I started with the first post? It feels like only a week or two had passed since. Yet with an average of 500 words per post, today’s post marks the 75,000 word milestone on this blog.

(now if only I had that kind of commitment towards the novels that I’m supposed to be working on)

Time, like money, leaves you with change after it’s spent. After the hours spent updating this space, I think I’ve grown at least a little bit as a person. As a writer. My horizons have expanded that little bit. I can see just a little bit further. I can think just a little bit clearer. I can write just a little bit better.

But a little bit is good.

(with an average of 30 minutes spent on a single post, this one marks 75 hours spent writing for this space. Only 9,925 hours more to go before my writing becomes world class. We can also infer that 20,000 posts will equate to about 10,000 hours; which means that to be world class, the aspiring writer should have written 10 million words, given by 20,000 posts multiplied by 500 words per post)

Wednesday is the day in the week where you’re not quite starting out, and at the same time you’re not quite ending – stuck in the middle. The folks whom I work with in the church media team have their progress report and planning meetings on Wednesday mornings – kind of cool, because it gives me time to recover from the weekend and finish up the week’s task in the time remaining after.

Wednesday is the day that you’ve fully gotten into the spirit of the thing – or at least have gained all the momentum you need to produce work at that perfect balance between minimal effort and maximum quality. Wednesday is the day that you just do the things you do so effortlessly, because your mind isn’t occupied by anything else – not the weekend past, not the weekend to come.

At 150 posts, this is Wednesday for this blog and I. I’ve gotten so comfortable with this space that I’ve stopped doing spellchecks. I’ve stopped fretting over the hits this site gets. I don’t even bother with brainstorming for new post ideas – I just sit down in front of my laptop, open a tab to write a new post, and I hack and slash away at the thing until something that resembles a post appears. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but most of the time it does.

I’ve even stopped worrying about pacing the writing and making it perfect for the public eye. When inspiration strikes, it strikes. When it doesn’t, I write anyway – a point that I’m particularly proud of, because this was the very reason I started this project in the first place. I cannot say that I’m concerned – but what’s of importance as I write these days is simply to let the ideas flow. To let the words bubble up from my brain, course down my nervous systems and into my fingertips, and appear on the screen.

I’d say I hit a milestone. It’s something, but there’s still a long way to go. Tomorrow begins a new day in this journey.


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