142. Little Things

You must forgive me for missing yesterday’s post. I spent the night sleeping on a sofa one level above the office after working until 2A.M. Not that I’ve never worked until that late before, but also know that I have been awake since 9A.M. that morning, and was operating on only 5 hours of sleep.

The past few days have been nothing but high stress, high tensions, and low productivity on my part. Just when things seemed like it was beginning to move in a better direction, it all went to hell again.

It all started on Monday night, during a discussion about the 25th anniversary video script that we the creative heads of the project agreed that the video simply wasn’t very interesting, and it was becoming even downright boring towards the end. Bringing out my newly acquired knowledge of structure in stories, I proposed a highly experimental cut – a Hollywood take on the subject matter, if I may call it that – that would emphasize the emotional journey of the story, and the rest of the content trimmed and compressed to fit the time allocated for the video presentation.

With that done, most of Tuesday was spent creating the experimental cut, a process that only ended that evening at about 8P.M. That went off without a hitch.

Wednesday – incidentally yesterday – saw a review of both the video that we’ve been working at for 2 months or so, as well as the experimental cut that was created in a day. Apply Murphy’s Law, and you’ll know where the decision went towards.

Now note the I also have other things going on – the other video project with the insufferable client; my unpaid phone bills; and the fact that I’m generally broke while Christmas zooms in on me, while I stare at it, caught in its headlights.

So like an episode of Breaking Bad, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and it only got worse from there. At about 3 or 4P.M., the storm that had been brewing since noon finally hit, lightning and thunder tearing up the sky. Being properly paranoid, I backed up the video project file, and continued working for about 2 minutes before the project crashed on me.

Then after about an hour of trying to revive the project file, I gave in and called the cavalry, who came and unsuccessfully attempted to salvage my work. Hey, it’s not too bad – I still have the backup that I made just before it crashed, right?

Nope, even the backup file is corrupted. The best we can do is save the copy saved at 10A.M.

I would have kicked up a shitstorm, probably started screaming and wrecking things, but I didn’t. Because I had a show to attend in Damansara, and going batshit insane would not help in the least bit.

Now I’ve looked up the location on Google Maps, and it seemed straightforward enough, except it wasn’t when I found myself in an unexplored location that called itself TTDI, but did not look like any parts of TTDI that I recognized. Know that as I got more and more hopelessly lost, my phone bill was still unpaid – and being the decent human beings trying to earn a living by doing their job right, the folks at Maxis have interrupted my number’s ability to make any calls, send any texts, or even use the 3G internet connection.

I was lost with no way of finding out how to get to the show, and the clock ticked away the seconds until the show started. My car was running low on fuel, and because I was broke, I couldn’t fill it with petrol. Meanwhile, the cars were spilling out into the big roads as working folks all over town shared the roads to get home.

Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. I was so close to just turning the car around, going home, and just lay wrapped in blankets for the rest of the evening.

But then things began turning around. A phone call came while I was lost – the whole project file has been rescued from digital hell with minor injuries. I went past a toll booth whose operator have actually heard of a place called Empire Damansara. I actually managed to reach the venue in time to have dinner before watching the show.

In short: miracles happened.

I was just walking in through the front gates earlier when I noticed that the night was brighter than usual. Looking up, I saw the full moon high in the night sky, all aglow in white. Around it, stars twinkled from behind small patches of clouds, their light finally reaching me after millions of years. I stood there, looking up and just taking in the view so masterfully orchestrated by powers that set these things into motion in a time so long ago – and I couldn’t help but to feel just a little overwhelmed by it all.

Despite my cynic tendencies, I do believe that there’s someone up there watching after me; and it becomes clear that even when I don’t see the big things, there are always these little things. In a moment of clarity, I realize that no matter how bad things get or how messed up I find myself, things will always work out for the better.


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