94. 15 Best Behaviors On The Job

This blog is growing to close to 100 posts now. With NaNoWriMo November beginning this Friday, all I have are today’s and tomorrow’s post to say something vaguely important before the next 30 posts or so are committed to words of fiction. I figured there has been enough posts about myself, so here’s one just for you – the readers of this blog.

While I am reading Mr. Hoxter’s book on screenwriting, I have also been reading a title by a certain Alex Epstein on TV writing. In his book, he shares about what makes good television, and also what makes a good TV writer – tips that extend beyond the craft of writing, but also best attitudes to bring to the job as a writer.

Wherever you find yourself in life, you can never have too much good advice. If you’re like me – drawing near to the end of university life, closing in on the edge of the real world – here are some excellent habits to have when you get to that shiny new job.

Whether you are a writer or not, I believe Mr. Epstein gives good advice on doing your job well. So straight from me to you, with a little help from Mr. Epstein (who quotes Melinda Hsu), here are 14 things you can do to make a good impression at your job:

  1. Always get along
  2. Do more than your share
  3. Give people credit for the idea they had
  4. Thank people for their help
  5. Stay in the office until people who outrank you leave for the day
  6. Be at your desk even if nothing in particular is going on
  7. Don’t talk behind people’s backs
  8. Don’t be demanding
  9. Don’t be crazy
  10. Don’t be arrogant
  11. Don’t be disorganized
  12. Don’t be slow
  13. Don’t be difficult to work with
  14. Don’t miss deadlines, no matter how understanding your peers and bosses seem to be

I can’t say that I’m doing even half of this list right.

I’m cheating today with another short post and some content that’s not mine, and there are no explanations for that, except that I’ve just come out of a Breaking Bad marathon and must wake up in less than 6 hours’ time. For the benefit of the readers who cannot sleep well unless they obsessively read every word of a post/article, I’ll just end this post here with the 15th advice, directly from me this time:

15. Produce quality beyond what you’re paid to deliver

With that, I bid you all to success.


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