90. FML (Frightful Memory Loss)

(short post today, because one, I’m posting this from my phone; two, I’m posting this while waiting at the hospital; and three, I wrote over a thousand words yesterday. Give me a break!)

This morning turned out to be one of the strangest mornings I’ve had in a while.

Having slept at 4A.M. the night before, I was all zoned out when I was woken up for breakfast this morning at 9A.M. However, wake up I did – and off I went to breakfast with dad and mom. Came home, got my stuff, watched 7 minutes of Breaking Bad, and left for music practice in church, which was scheduled to start at 10.30A.M.

(by the way, Breaking Bad is an excellent series – incredible quality of production from the cast and crew, and the writing has some serious HSQ going on)

By the time practice started, it was already 11A.M., and being me, I began whining to a friend over whatsapp about this tardiness.

This is where everything becomes really weird.

Because after I sent that message over whatsapp, said friend immediately called me – and proceeded to completely freak out over the phone with something that sounds like it came right out of The Hangover movies:

“Dude, what is the date? I woke up in a sports t-shirt and shorts, I’m in a park somewhere, and I cannot remember how I got here.”

An ontological mystery. What followed were phones calls made to people around him to find out his location – and even after he was found, he had difficulty remembering anything that had happened over the past month or so.

He refused the offer to be taken to the hospital and opted to rest at home instead, and that’s when everything got even weirder.

Because when he woke up at about 4P.M., he could not remember anything that had happened this morning.

Which directly leads to where I am – seated on the floor out in the hospital’s waiting area while he gets his X-Ray and C.T. Scan done.

I am sleepy, hungry, and bored out of my mind; but by God, I MUST write a story based on this one day.


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