84. All’s Well That Ends Well

After 7 hours of sleep and missing church service earlier today (yes, I feel incredibly guilty about the latter bit; not so much about the former), I am now back in the world of the living.

I now bid goodbye to Johann – if only for a few months – and shall bother her no more with the dark creations of my twisted mind. Go and enjoy life, you – in a year, you’ll be facing UPSR. It won’t be like fighting monsters and standing with legends, but it’ll be exciting all the same. Goodbye for now, Johann, and may you live happily ever after.

It is usually in the wake of a major project that I feel a sudden emptiness in my life. I felt it after the NaNoWriMo Novembers of 2011 and 2012; I felt it after I had spent a week writing my first ever TV episode; I felt it after I had worked on a complete miniseries for a month; and now I’m feeling it after 2 and a half months of adventuring with Johann.

I’m the kind of person who needs to work with deadlines. It gives me that gripping urgency which is essential to the completion of any project I find myself attached to. It gives me direction and purpose; gives me meaning to wake up early in the morning, or more often to stay up until early in the morning. It’s an exciting thing, the creative process, and after all this time of outlining, devising, and writing – it feels a little odd to find myself with nothing else to do.

(well, there are always my university assignments – but there’s no joy in that)

I suppose I should get some rest. Enjoy a movie. Read a book. Wind down my brain for a little bit and let it cool before cranking it up again in a little less than 2 weeks’ time for NaNoWriMo. Incidentally, I am also working on an entry for the AMOK Anthology – it is a short cyberpunk story that I had began some months ago, and I think it should be time to get done to completing it. Dystopian future, megacorps, foul language, and the antichrist – what’s there not to like about it?

There are also screenplays that I plan to begin writing. One’s a family-friendly ghost movie, and the other is going to be based on this little thing I wrote some weeks ago, titled Gadgeteer.

You ever have one of those moments when you’re bored – not because there is nothing to do, but because you cannot decide what to do? That’s how I feel right now, I guess. Four projects clamoring for my attention, and I’m just staring longingly at the one that had just left.

But well, that’s life – people move on, things move on, and I will also have to move on.

For the moment, I’m just going to clear my head, enjoy my rest, relish in that satisfying feeling of having completed something goo. Breathe a little, dream a little, eat a lot.

And tomorrow, the adventure goes on.


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