76. Nanowrimo November

While I was supposed to be completing the script for The Flowering Tree yesterday night (which cross dissolved into today morning), I took time to clean up my profile on nanowrimo, which was written by a very clueless 20-year old boy who was only starting to learn about proper writing.

At the very least, I have a proper author’s bio going on there; and I’ve also stopped calling my works “genre busting novels” because really, none of them actually were.

(with the sole exception of my 2011 novel, titled Will + Meg, which was part urban fantasy, part teenage drama, part coming-of-age story, part cooking show. I kid you not. But if you forced me at gunpoint to choose a genre, I’d probably go with urban fantasy)

Now, I started this blog at the end of July for one purpose only: to force myself to write at least 500 words a day. It was the least I could do for myself, if I intended to take this writing thing seriously; and today marks the 76th day of this writing exercise. Come November 1, when NaNoWriMo officially kicks off, I’ll have to write a whooping minimum of 1667 words per day, if I intend to emerge a winner.

(the real average sum is 1666.666… words per day. If you figure out how to write that daily .666… words, do let me know)

I reiterate: this blog was creating as a writing exercise, to force myself to write. So when November rolls around, and NaNoWriMo becomes the main motivation for me to write, write, and write; I’ll have that daily writing exercise part pretty much nailed down. What I will do is that instead of my daily postings about everything and anything, I will update this space daily on my NaNoWriMo novel progress. Yes, I will be posting every word that I have written in the day right here, with all the embarrassing bits intact.

Try not to laugh too hard, alright?

My entry this year is a post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy story titled Swordsman, which actually started off as a comic book idea. Since it doesn’t look like the comic will be materializing anytime soon, at date of writing, I have decided to adapt the story for my 2013 NaNoWriMo project, just to get things rolling within the story.

A brief description of the premise:

The end of the world came and went in the most unspectacular fashion: humanity simply packed up and left the planet, seeking out better worlds in the vast expanse of space. On earth, those left behind scavenge whatever remains in the ruins of civilization. In the absence of high technology, magic has slowly began creeping back into the world. There are rumors that New Britain has already learned to harness this young magic.

The Swordsman, marked by bounty hunters, makes his way across the desert that used to be the South China Sea. Relentless. Towards New Britain. Towards the place where they had taken his wife.

Towards Sarah.

So God help whoever stands in his way.

See you in November.


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