71. Family Group Chat

After typing about 3,000 words for Johann’s Fantastic Adventures Through Time earlier this evening in the university library, I thought that I’d retire early as a reward for being so productive, and go and have a nice meal at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen.

However, upon reaching the place, my heart sank when I saw that the place was closed – and I had to hit myself when I remembered that Betty’s is closed on Mondays.

So I had to settle for the friendly mamak man’s cooking.


(really though, I’m amazed at how many words I had managed to type between 5P.M. and 7.30P.M. I would say that I deserve an award or something, but the world record for typing speed is 216 words per minute – that dude can do what I did in 2.5 hours in 15 minutes. Day ruined again)

The trouble with your whole family getting smartphones begins when they figure out how to create groups on whatsapp. Right now, I have been dragged into 3 family group chats: one for the immediate family; one for the extended family on dad’s side; and another one for the extended family on mom’s side. All in all, that makes for endless notifications, and gems like:

(concerning dinner)
Where is everyone??

TTDI (30 kilometers from home)

Raub (200 kilometers from home)

Sandakan (1000 kilometers from home)

(24 hours later)

(while having dinner with mom)
Now in OUG.

And things like:

Anyone seen my pass card? It looks like a dirty white solid rectangle card attached to a dark blue string with a silver thing near the knot

(still 1000 kilometers from home)
Nope never saw it

Seriously, though. I’m resisting the urge these days to just go ballistic and scream in the group chat “SHUT UPPP!!!” every single time the notification goes off. I guess I should have seen this coming.

When I got my very first smartphone in early 2012, I knew that I wanted to get one what can support whatsapp, mainly due to the number of friends I have who were migrating and/or studying overseas.

I had wanted a Blackberry Bold, because the shape and feel of that thing just screams manliness. Also, its impressive note-taking ability gives me about enough space to craft a whole novel on the phone itself. Unfortunately, the thing cost about as much as a brand new laptop. I mean, really – the laptop that I’m using is actually cheaper than it; and that’s after adding in the repair costs it had incurred over the years.

So I had settled for a Nokia Asha 303, which had whatsapp conveniently pre-installed on it, and could even access the internet! I could reply emails on the go! When reading the user’s manual for whatsapp, however, it warned me that I will not be able to switch the application off if I’m installing it on a Nokia device.

And of course, I went, “What? That’s no problem. I welcome messages from anyone, anytime!”

Then here I am today.



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