69. Recital

(post number 69. Heh heh)

I’ve had the honor to attend a little recital earlier today, where show tunes were sung by the eminent Ms. Marina Tan and Sandee Chew.

I woke up in the morning at about 11A.M. after sleeping at 5A.M. due to a bout of binge writing last night after supper. It turns out that rejection becomes a strong motivator for me to work even harder at my craft. What materialized out of said binge writing session was 11 solid pages of screenplay and a pair of very sore eyes.

So I woke up, and went for music practice and lunch, as it is in my habit to do so on Saturdays. What was different with this particular Saturday, however, begun at 3P.M. after I had come home from second lunch.

After doing some shameless self-promotion on facebook in conjunction with the 10th short story I have posted up on this blog, I looked up the recital venue on google maps and had to take notes of the directions, because one does not simply wander into TTDI and expect to be able to find their way around.

It was 3.30P.M. when I left, and I was honestly amazed to have reached the venue at exactly 4P.M., despite having only been there once some 3 months ago.

The audience present at the recital were mostly familiar faces: some of whom I had met during my time in Enfiniti Academy, some through my work with Box of Delights Family Theater, and some more through Short + Sweet Kuala Lumpur. All in all, it was a cozy setting with great company, great snacks, and great tunes presented by the two lovely ladies, which included “Someone Else’s Story” from the musical Chess, “Shy” from Once Upon A Mattress, “Man Wanted” from Copacabana, and most memorably, “Getting Married Today” from Company – in which Marina blazed through the bride’s overly long lines with great finesse and in a single breath.

(the first thing I did when I came home, of course, was to find the songs on YouTube)

Topping off the whole performance was Nish on the baby grand piano, gloriously slamming away at the keys to recreate the sounds that were meant to be produced by violins – her accompaniment was good enough to be passed off as a performance in its own right.

(I would later find out over dinner that she has not heard most of the songs that she played, and hardly managed to get any practice before she was forced to perform it before us. It takes some serious levels of genius to pull of things like these)

I had full intentions to ask if their vocal teacher would be interested in training new students – but alas, said vocal teacher was scheduled to leave for Singapore for a solid 3 months after this weekend. It seems that my search for a new vocal teacher will have to continue elsewhere.

In the meantime, I guess I will content myself with singing while being completely ignorant of the weaknesses of my voice. And finally, for your listening pleasure, here is the best rendition of “Getting Married Today” I have found on YouTube:


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