67. Changing Wallets

I officially changed wallets today, and it made me strangely emotional.

I guess it’s sentimental value. This wallet has been with me for the past 5 years or so, ever since I had rid myself of that old, stinking leather thing that passed as my wallet for a while. Plus the fact that it was a gift from a very good friend of mine, and I had taken the liberty to decorate it with a pin badge, which was another gift from another good friend who is well on his way to musical stardom as we speak.

(the pin badge has been transferred over to the new wallet as a symbol of its new status in my life)

This was the wallet that had been with me throughout my whole university life. It had been with me when I had money, it had been with me when I was broke; it was with me when I got my driver’s license, and it was with me when I was given a business card for the first time. But now I guess it won’t be seeing me give away my very first business card.

There’s just a whole host of memories attached to this wallet, and part of me just didn’t want to let go of it despite the fact that it was getting old and smelly, and the fact that the coins pouch was torn and kept spilling coins out of it. In fact, the wallet that I had changed to I have had since Christmas last year, but I just couldn’t bring myself to transfer the things over.

Until the person who bought me the wallet came asking why wasn’t I using the new one he gave me.

This new one is alright, I guess. At least the coin pouch works fine, but the trouble is that there are fewer pockets than the last one I had, which posed a considerable challenge when I tried moving the things over. Many cards had to be left behind with the old wallet, and only the ones relevant to my life at the moment were transferred over.

The other beef I have against this new wallet is how it is separated into 3 sections – which isn’t a problem by itself, but when folded to fit into my pocket, the last section folds in such a way that it folds up the edge of my bank notes, so they all come out with a crease right down the middle, and another one right at the end of it. This annoys me more than it should.

And the biggest complaint I have against this new wallet was put into eloquent words by Sueen:

“It looks like a kid’s wallet lah.”

It looks like a kid’s wallet! I feel like a highschooler all over again, carrying this thing around and hearing the ripping sound the velcro makes when I pull it open. It was also not built to hold a lot of things, I can tell, by the way it bulges from the number of things I’ve put inside – and that’s after I have left more than half of the old wallet’s contents behind!

I would change back to my old wallet in a heartbeat, but only one thing makes me stay with this: the coin pouch works.

It gives me hope in a strange way too, looking at this terribly inefficient new wallet. I guess all I really have to do is to get one thing right, and I’m set for life.


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