66. Hummingbird

Hummingbird, Hummingbird,
Busy as can be,
Hummingbird, so I’ve heard,
Busy but you’re free

When I am subjected to long hours of intensive, focused video recordings, I like to go home and make up really bad rhymes.

(on another completely unrelated note, in a bout of Attention Deficit Creator Disorder, I have come up with a new story idea for children, presently titled Gadgeteer. It’s as good as it sounds)

I woke up today at 8.15A.M. (Vivian would be proud) when my dad asked me if I wanted to go and get breakfast. My first instinct was to wake up grumpy and try to go back to sleep; but even half-awake, I realized that if I went back to sleep, I’d only be able to salvage half an hour of sleep at best. Why put myself through the misery, right?

So I got up and went for breakfast with my dad.

“It’s surprising to see you this early in the morning,” was what Nicki said when I arrived in church. I suppose I could have came up with a clever reply to that, but I had only 5 hours of sleep, and I had a long day ahead of me – so I contented myself by telling her exactly what happened that led to my being in church so early in the morning.

We had a video recording today which was groundbreaking in many ways:
1. It was the first time we’d done a recording with professional lights
2. It was the biggest crew we’ve ever had on set at any given time
3. It was the first recording session for the gargantuan project that is the church’s 25th Anniversary celebration video
4. It was my first video directorial role in which I did not make mental notes to punch anyone

Really though; despite not knowing what I was doing half the time (I had to ask what exactly does a director do while on set – 30 minutes before the video recording began), I thought that I performed pretty well in my role, and that’s discounting the fact that I did not have the urge to punch anyone. I mean, I gave my recording subjects my full, undivided attention throughout the whole recording session, which started at 11A.M. and eventually ended close to 8P.M., and only gave in to mental fatigue on the second-to-last take. That’s 9 solid hours of video recording, minus that 1 hour between 12.30P.M. and 1.30P.M. when we broke for lunch.

After surviving the insanity that was mid-terms on Monday, presentation on Tuesday, and now 2 video shoots on Wednesday, and still having one more video shoot to do tomorrow night, I cannot help but feel like the hummingbird. I mean, there’s busy as a bee, and there’s busy as a hummingbird. Bees are busy in the way that they’re always doing something and getting somewhere; but hummingbirds are going absolutely nuts with that wing motion just to keep themselves stable and above it all.

So I guess I’m busy like a hummingbird. It’s taking actual self-restraint for me not to go batshit insane with the number of things I am doing, and more importantly, have yet to do. But I’m keeping my chin up and chest out, doing my best to stay above the madness that is like gravity, as Heath Ledger’s Joker would say, while my brain works itself into a frenzy just to maintain this fragile little bubble of sanity.


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