49. Camp!

So, I’m going to camp tomorrow!

It’s a leaders’ retreat organized by my church, and I quote, “in recognition and appreciation of the skills and efforts that Joseph Ng has volunteered in service of our church”. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside just looking at that one sentence.

(nevermind that it was me who wrote it in the first place)

We will be going up to Cameron Highlands – which is, incidentally, where the church had organized the very first church camp that I got to join. Granted, it was a “normal” church camp back in 2004, and the weather was probably a lot different back then (I hear that the nights in Cameron Highlands these days get as cold as 9 degrees Celsius). I’ve had many fond memories of the place. Pastor Reuben, not so much.

What happened was this: I signed up for the camp rather late into the registration process, and I was going without my family, as many of the others were. According to the original arrangements for the rooms, I was about to have an old uncle as a roommate; but then Pastor Reuben (just Reuben back then) saw this, and thought that it’d be good for me to share a room with someone I was more familiar with, and so he had stepped in.

And he was right – it was good for me! Just not so much for him.

On the first night, after the first session at camp, he told me: “Alright Jo, we both know that I snore. So why don’t you sleep first, and I’ll sleep after you.”

It sounded good to me, and I slept well the whole night through. It never struck me that anything was amiss – until I saw him the next morning, looking dazed at the breakfast table, sipping black coffee, which was, and I quote again, “the only thing keeping me alive”.

It turns out that I snored. And while the average person’s snore can be described as a rhythmic drone in the background, mine could be described as a freakin’ machine gun. Needless to say, the truce was off, and the deal that involved me sleeping first was thrown out of the window completely.

I really hope that my roommates this time around have a better time than Pastor Reuben did.

So anyway, I have heard that there will not be wifi of any sort up in the place where we will be having the retreat, and so internet will be limited to my mobile phone’s reception. Yes, I do intend to keep up with this challenge of writing 500 words daily; and no, I am not at all inclined to blog from my phone. So what will happen is this: I am going to come up with content for the next few days in advance, and they will be posted according to the schedule I will set in the posting options, so new entries will continue to appear anyhow in my absence.

Fret not, because I will be doing writings of other sorts while I am 1,000 meters above sea level.

Nothing is impossible with my trusty laptop.


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