44. Busy As A Bee

Vivian would be happy to hear that I have been waking up at 8A.M. for 4 consecutive days now.

(I plan to sleep until noon tomorrow, but hey, we’ve got to count our successes and not our failures, not even the planned ones – right?)

I haven’t had an off day since two Thursdays ago. Yes, from the day I posted the post titled Deadlines, I haven’t had a proper day off – every day from that point on involved some form of work, some sort of meeting up with people (yes, that is work for me – look up on the INTP personality type if you need any clarification), some class I have to attend, some duty I have to attend to, and this non-stop activity has taken its toll on me.

(it said goodbye too many times before)

Last Saturday, I had just survived a meeting that ran from 10.30A.M. until 1P.M., at which time I adjourned right into a music practice for another hour or so, and by the time I had my lunch at 2.30P.M., a concerned Stephen remarked that I looked pale. I replied him, saying something along the lines of “I feel pale”. My face was cold; my hands were cold; there was an aching weakness in my eyes as I walked out into the sunlight – and that was last Saturday.

Today, after having attended a class that ended at 2P.M., having a row with an autopay machine (it’s a long story), and traveling some 30km to where I needed to be for a training, I found myself staring at the trainer with dizzy eyes and a mushy brain. Even coffee didn’t help anymore, at that point – I was just dazed throughout the whole session.

Even then, the day didn’t end there.

What followed after the training at ended at 5.30P.M. was an impromptu meeting that went on for an hour. After about an hour’s break for dinner, there was a video recording to set up for, and that took about 2 hours to complete, ending at 10P.M. When I was done packing up at 10.30P.M., I was all ready to get home, blog, and crash until noon tomorrow.

But no.

An important conversation came up, and I was caught in it for another half-hour or so. And now here I am – fulfilling my promise to myself to write 500 words, no matter how tired I am.

(I swear that I am about to fall asleep on this keyboard. But that’s metaphorical, because my laptop is mounted atop a tall table – to fall asleep on the keyboard would require me to be sitting up straight, which, as you may imagine, is hardly conducive for sleeping. Furthermore, the keyboard is hardly a comfortable place to sleep on – I’d much rather lay my head upon the cushion where my chin now rests)

So tomorrow is an off day, so I’ve at least got that going on for me – until the evening, when I’ll have to go for a meeting. But I get the day off, so that’s great. Come Thursday, it’s back to classes and homework and video shootings and interviews and songs until I either find rest, or am put to rest.

Whichever comes first.


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