27. Promises, Promises

Remember the time when I said I’ll never pull another all-nighter ever again?


Surprisingly, I did not spend most of the day lumbering around like I did last week. In fact, after I had woken up at 10.30A.M., I was alert and conscious enough to direct 2 music practices between 11A.M. and 1.30P.M., and even had a good lunch after that.

The trouble, you see, was when I got home and sank into the sofa.

There’s something about the sofas in my house – and Ann Na can testify to this – they are like magical insomnia-curing furniture, or something close to it. I would come home, sit in one of them and start to do something on my laptop, and then find myself laid down and sleeping about an hour later.

So when I got back at about 2P.M. in the afternoon, and knowing that I had to be back in church for a final sound check and run-through at 4P.M., the smart thing to do (which I had completely failed to do) was to avoid the sofa, get everything into order, and make my way back to church at 3.50P.M.

I am not a smart man.

It was about 2.30P.M. when I realized that my eyes were closing, and my body was radiating heat the way it does only when I’m asleep. (Does this happen to anyone else? I’m curious to know). And the whole time I’m just telling myself, “No, no, don’t fall asleep, you’ve got to get up and get ready for church, and zzz…”

The lack of sleep had apparently affected me more than I thought – even in my dream, I was telling everyone, “Okay, I need to sleep… Give me a break… I probably won’t be staying for service later…” while my eyelids grew heavy, and I was shuffling around, doing what I had to, fighting the urge to sleep – in my dream! I slapped myself in my dream and felt nothing, and all I could think was “I’m so tired that my whole face is numb.”

It took a series of waking up in my dreams before I finally woke up for real at 3.50P.M.

(important side note before anyone says “Ooo! Inception!” : “inception” refers to the planting of an idea in a person’s mind; it DOES NOT refer to a dream within a dream. Get it right, people!)

(it is also the name of a highly entertaining and highly successful 2010 film by director Christopher Nolan, about a guilt-wrecked man committing a highly illegal organized crime that involves tearing apart a well-established company through the planting of an idea, hence the title of the film – not something I’d want to be associated with at any rate)

I made it to church 15 minutes late for the sound check/run-through, and while my head swam and the room spun around me as I stood on stage, I told myself “never again”.

But we all know how that ends.


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