25. The F Word (Part 4)

I have went on for far longer than I had originally intended to about this topic. But when you have something to say, you’ve got to say it all, right? It’s like how John Mayer sings it – better to say too much than never to say what you need to say.

(I’ll never complain about Pastor Daniel talking too much ever again. This resolve is about as strong as that one about never pulling an all-nigher ever again)

At the end of this topic, I want to share this comic with you guys – a comic that I had intended to share in the very first post on The F Word, before it broke loose of the figurative chain and went on for 4 whole posts. J.K. Rowling’s words set against sequential art – it’s as good as it sounds. Here it is:


And because you are such wonderful people, here’s a little extra, from the legendary Neil Gaiman:


So go now – fail spectacularly, and most importantly, fail wisely.

(Fiction Friday starts tomorrow!)


And that is how…

JOEL is at SAMUS’ place. SAMUS is focused on playing a computer game as JOEL talks.

…I ended up here. To answer that question.

Hmm… That be interesting.

This is Samus. Remember when I said there are average geniuses and exceptional geniuses? He’s an exceptional genius. He learned to use a proxy server while the rest of us were making sense of algebra.

I know, right? I just really need to get my points together before going home.

You fail as a student.


You fail. You are what you do. Because you fail as a student, you fail as a human being. You have failed to exercise your telos, which is to be an awesome student.

Wait, I failed to exercise my what? What are you talking about?

Samus gives a pitiful head shake.

(here I stopped writing, having done what I set to do)



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