22. Sick As A Dog

(I call this inability to complete a series of writings in one, focused go as “sequel hell syndrome”. Those of you who are fans of the Ghostbusters movies are probably familiar with this)

Yes, I’ve fallen sick. Again. And there’s no one to blame but myself.

I started off 2013 with 3 days of intense video shootings – I’m talking about storyboarding late into the night, then waking up only hours later to do the actual shooting, one of such video shootings taking place in a wide open field underneath a merciless noon sun. Alas, a combination of poor sleeping habits, stress, and spicy food left me sick with tonsillitis for the first time in my life.

(seriously, I wasn’t even aware that I could get tonsillitis)

A weekend of rest and antibiotics helped me to recover, and I said “never again” – but tempting fate in such a way never works out well, whether in fiction or in real life. At the beginning of the second quarter, in April, bad sleeping habits and bad eating habits once again got the better of me, and I fell sick again with tonsillitis.

This time, though, I thought I’d teach my body a lesson, and let it fight its own battle against the infection. That’ll teach it to toughen up and not to rely on antibiotics all the time, right?

When the fever broke that weekend, I honestly thought that my body had won against the sickness, and that the sore feeling in my throat was a feeling that would soon pass. Only days later, I started to realize that it hurts to swallow. A mild annoyance, nothing to worry about. My throat will get over it in no time.

Another few days later, I was wincing as I swallowed; but I could still ingest food, so no problem there. Later that weekend, I could feel the swelling in my throat, and it was taking conscious effort to resist the pain as I swallowed, whether solid food or liquids. Still, I was stubborn – come on, body, you beat that mean ol’ fever all on your own, what’s a little sore throat, huh?

I only registered that I was in dire need of help when it became difficult to breathe.

What took only 3 days on antibiotics to cure at the beginning of the year now took a whole week of medication to combat. At this point, I solemnly swore to myself that in the future, the moment I feel any significant pain while in sickness, I will immediately consult a doctor. But still, I did not learn that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

(I notice a pattern of my getting sick at the beginning of the yearly quarters. I should do some serious documentation on this)

After feeling quite awesome after last Friday morning’s stint of writing until 5 in the morning, and then sleeping at 7A.M., I am now feeling significantly less-than-awesome with a stuffed, leaking nose, a feverish body, and a heavy, sickly feeling in my chest. I’ve drank enough water, and flushed myself with enough vitamin C over the past 2 days to make sure that it didn’t get any worse, but today’s perpetual rainy weather hasn’t done much to alleviate my condition.

So here, now, with one side of my nose stuck and generally feeling miserable, I solemnly swear to myself never to pull an all-nighter ever again.

But who am I kidding? I’ll probably do exactly that before the year ends.

Till then.


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