5. Posting at 1A.M.

I have always been a night owl. Always have been, always will be.

(sorry pa)

Staying up until 2? Just a day in the life. Until 4? Not anything I’ve never done before. Until 6? Pushing it, but far from impossible. It’s like sunlight is the kryptonite to my mental processes, or something.

And so the inverse is true, much to my father’s dismay. I find it incredibly difficult to wake up when the digital clock still reads A.M. In fact, I have mentioned more than once before that if anyone expects me to be awake at 7 or 8 in the morning, it’d be easier for me to just stay up through the night until then.

I set my phone’s alarm to 8A.M., but that’s only to turn my phone on in case anyone needs to call me. I’ll be as dead asleep as Cthulhu until at least 11A.M., but usually I’ll wake up at noon. More out of necessity for food than anything else, really.

(I am the night. If I were also vengeful and rich, I could be Batman)

It kills me on the inside when I register for my new semester, and I get forced into a class that starts at 8A.M. That usually means that I have to wake up by 6.30A.M. so that I can leave my house before 7A.M. in order to beat the jam. Otherwise, it’s an hour in the morning jam and no food until 11A.M.

I hate morning classes. If morning classes were a class of criminal, the only thing I’d need is to be rich to become Batman.

My whole being rebels at the thought of facing the morning light. My mind takes flight in the earth’s shadow. When everyone is asleep and the rooms are empty, my thoughts have room to grow and to soar in the weird, twisted way it does. Some of the best things I’ve written were written at 5 in the morning, at the edge of consciousness where the dream world and the physical merge into one; where the subconscious begins to wrestle with the conscious mind as Jacob did with the messenger from God.

But alas, society demands that I conform to its rules for normalcy. When I graduate from university and go into the working world, I will have to get used to waking up at 6.30A.M. to beat the morning jam. I must change myself in order to accommodate a world where the early risers make the rules.

(likely because the night owls were asleep when they made and agreed on those rules; those conniving bastards)

Or fall asleep trying.


2 thoughts on “5. Posting at 1A.M.

  1. When I was studying and partying all the time (long ago) I always sleep in the morning.. years go by.. I slowly discovered the true beauty of morning and the greatness of it.. I realise that sleep earlier is the only solution :P try to be awake for 24 hours then sleep at 9pm.. you might wake up at 6am naturally lol XD

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