0. The Blank Screen

(One, two…)

The blank screen is a daunting thing.

Since the abrupt end of my last blogging stint towards the end of 2009, I’ve looked at plenty of blank screens: at the beginning of my nanowrimo projects 2011/2012; my various copywriting assignments; and more recently, my scriptwriting ventures… I’ve had a fair share of looking at blank screens, and I’ve stared them all down, planting word after word until the blank screen properly becomes a writing piece.

Still, the blank screen is a daunting thing. Especially now that there is nothing to hide behind – no stock corporate phrases to begin with; no title page to kickstart the writing process. Just the blank screen and I – Goliath and a butt-naked David; and I’m David.

From here on, there will be massive geekiness; there will be wild musings (often about the most inappropriate things); there will be opinions being shared on uncomfortable topics; there will be complete, unfiltered, unashamed honesty; and there will be writing. Lots and lots and lots of writing. You can bet on that.

This is my third blogging attempt.

(…ninety-nine, one hundred.)

Ready or not, here I come.


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